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I was feeling very low and had been visiting dark places in my mind for some months. My self-esteem was completely depleted and I felt had lost my way - particularly with regards to my career.

Adam had one Skype conversation with me; he listened, was very patient and still with me, guided me to observe my own thoughts and as if by magic, my mood shifted.

This continued over the next couple of weeks and I started to feel myself again, with energy and enthusiasm for life, able to recognise opportunities and seize them.

Months later, I continue to find real joy in each day and my career is going really well. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it Adam, you saved me!
— Rachel
InnerPeaceNow.com is a fantastic website which has helped me recover from a difficult episode with anxious thoughts. The articles are easy-to-read and the advice is simple to implement, while the fact that Adam makes himself available for a personal consultation is a massive bonus.

I had an hour-long session with Adam on Skype and it was brilliant value for money compared to the amount I have spent on therapists over the past few months. He’s just a genuinely nice bloke who listens to your situation and makes simple recommendations which set you on the path to feeling better.
— Matthew
Adam helped me realise that I am not my thoughts or feelings. To stop the suffering the way forward is complete surrender to these thoughts and feelings, as trying to do something about them just causes more problems.

Adam’s style is very relaxed and I immediately found him great to talk to and he got the message across very well.
If you are thinking about having a session I would very much recommend this as talking to Adam will help you discuss your own personal circumstance in detail. Thanks Adam.
— MH

Book A Session With Adam - 20% Off

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