About Me

Short version:


Longer version:

My name is Adam Oakley.

I am someone who has struggled with a very turbulent mind, a daily sense of heaviness, unease, dissatisfaction and all the rest of it.

An overtrained intellect, a heavy reliance on conditioned thinking, a general sense that it was “me against life” left me feeling as if I was constantly dragging a big weight around inside my head.

This website has come about through coming out of all of that, a breaking down of the old conditioned mind structures that so many of us are surrounded by, and a return to the root of ourself, who we really are, and allowing that to express itself fully through the human form.

So this website and all of its extras are all tools to relieve yourself from the burden of dysfunctional behaviours, mind patterns that no longer serve you, and to find and be what remians as the life within you, when we are no longer so ruled by what we have learnt from those who were never really in alignment with themselves.

This website is for your inner peace, and all the intelligence and creative power that comes along with it, as a by-product.

Longest version:

There is a longer “about me” story from my previous website. Reading it now almost feels untrue, since the story feels so distant. But for more of an in-depth story of my background, education, what preceded the website being built - you can read it here.