Can We Experience Any Thing Outside Our Mind?

by RSB



Is it possible for us to experience any thing when there are no thoughts in our mind? Is there such a state as a "thought-less state"? Is awareness of mind or is it beyond mind? I cannot comprehend anything that is beyond mind. Please answer my question, even if it seems a little absurd.


All these question come from the mind, which is attempting to understand what it cannot.

Yes, there is such a state as a thought-free state, but we are describing with words something that contains no content, so words can be very misleading here.

You experience no-thought during deep sleep, the moment you wake from it, the moment you hear a bird or look at the sky. Before the mind’s interpretation of events, there is no thought.

With no-thought, there is not such a distinction between “me the experiencer” and “that which I experience” – it is one. The same could be said of awareness and that which I am aware of – it is one – but these words can be very misleading, so I wouldn’t cling to them.

Don’t be dependent on no-thought. If you are, then thoughts will always disturb or distract you. Just disregard thoughts, be aware that all thoughts arise out of space and silence.

Is awareness of the mind or beyond mind? What is mind? If you mean mind as thought, then consciousness or awareness are the source of this mind, and beyond it. The word “beyond” can be misleading, since it makes awareness seem to be beyond you, when in fact you are awareness. What makes this seem not true is the functioning and belief in a personal mind that arises in awareness.

Perhaps you can not comprehend anything beyond mind, since you are using your mind to try to comprehend.  

That which is beyond the mind (you) is believing itself to be the thinking mind, so anything beyond or before the mind seems impossible. Really what you mean is you cannot comprehend anything outside yourself – which is profound – but you believe yourself to be the mind. The mind can’t understand any of this. How could the thinking mind really understand anything to do with no-thought?

Mind will probably take these words and turn them into repetitive concepts. There is not much use in this. Listen to what is happening in the distance – in that moment there is no-thought. Be fully aware of one breath – in that moment there is no thought. Look at the stars – at first there is no thought. You probably experience this more than your mind will tell you. Mind will say it is not possible and it does not happen, but the mind is not an honest companion, don’t believe what it says.

I don’t feel much more can be said about this, other than give up words and concepts about “mind”, “experience” or “if’s” or “can’s”. Just give up concepts for a moment.

All the best,