Depression and Brain Chemistry?

by K. Dawn


I don't understand how depression can be corrected when PET scans show different pictures of a depressed brain and one that isn't? Please explain and has your method worked for that condition? Thanks


I haven’t got any science for you, but why would a brain scan showing one “depressed brain” looking different to a non-depressed brain mean that depression can not decrease is someone?

I suppose if someone takes brain chemistry or brain function to be the cause of depression, then it would appear that brain chemistry must be directly altered before depression can decrease. If, however, someone takes brain chemistry to be a physical manifestation of a more subtle condition, then it would make sense that the brain would alter its functioning naturally if the root cause is looked into.

I have heard that brain scans of Buddhist monks have been taken, monks who have been meditating for years, and the scans have shown that the monks’ brain structures were different to the “average” person. In which specific areas this was, I’m not sure.

Are you saying the brain must be a fixed thing that does not change? If so, I disagree.

The method on this website is nothing new, it’s primarily to reduce suffering, by no longer arguing with your experience, no longer trying to manipulate your thoughts and feelings to be a certain way. Once the fight decreases, there is less for the depression to feed on, and the thoughts and feelings are not sustained through resistance.

But, as I say, I have no scientific answer, and I am not saying that it is a fact that it will “work” for everyone.

Has it worked for this condition? If you mean depression, I have heard from people who said that their depression seemed to evaporate after reading words from the site or incorporating some of the messages into daily life. But they didn’t send me a brain scan to prove it.

Sorry if I could not directly answer your question, but thanks for getting in touch.