by I.C. 


Hello, sorry I did not finish reading your web site yet, may be you wrote somewhere about it.

Did you have an experiment of enlightenment or nirvana? If so, how does it feel or what you felt in that moment exactly? How long did it last and how long did it take you to meditate before you reached it? 

Thank you.



Hello, thanks for your question

I assume you mean “experience” of enlightenment or nirvana. What do you take these things to be? Is nirvana a place that “you” go to? Who are “you” (or “I”) to reach this place?

All experience takes place in you. You are the awareness in which experience happens. Whether the experience is blissful, alive and pleasant, or dull, dark or painful – you are always there, unaffected.

Ultimately there is no experience of enlightenment or nirvana or nonduality, as if they are separate things that “I” experience. If enlightenment is anything, it is the dissolution of “I the experiencer and that which I experience”, until the fundamental reality remains, which is beyond words or description. It can only be somewhat described in negative terms – thoughtless, formless, experience-less, distance-less. Yet it is ever present. What hides it is the feelings of thoughts and individuality.

….Still, these are only words, and this is only one possible explanation. Someone else may say enlightenment is something else – such as a constant conscious connection with the source of life, or God. This is also true. Since enlightenment is a word, a concept which attempts to convey a concept–free reality, it can become a huge obstacle.

If you feel you are seeking enlightenment and want to experience it, who is the one searching for enlightenment? This feeling of searching – are you aware of it, can you perceive it somehow? If you can, then you must be the awareness of the seeker, not the seeker itself.

Do not search for any blissful state, or a state that you have heard anyone speak about. Just follow whatever resonates with you. To report to you some past experience of my own would not be of any use, unless it was something real and unchanging. Experiences and sensations change. Your true self does not change. 

Whatever your present experience, at this very moment, accept it without condition. There is no need to interpret anything mentally, let everything be, but claim nothing you can perceive to be what you are. Don’t own any experience or thought, and feel your own presence, beyond thought. What happens next – don’t be concerned about.