Feeling Depression

by Julia
(Australia, Sydney)


Hi Adam, I would really like to stop feeling stuck in life. I have no motivation to do the things normal people do like going to work etc. I have to force myself to do these things. I get a lot of anxiety to do normal things. I have no enthusiasm for life anymore. Sorry if I am vague.


Indeed it is a bit vague, so maybe my response will be vague. Not sure...

I'm not sure exactly what your situation is, but if you feel stuck, let yourself feel stuck. It is not a bad thing. Everyone might say it is, but it isn't. However you feel, just feel that way. There is a much wider space that it already is all playing within. This doesn't mean you will feel stuck forever. Just let yourself feel however you feel.

This can happen sometimes, it is like the old world crumbles. If you are going to a job that you hate to do, notice how your mind creates a futile misery about it. Don't try to change it, just notice that whilst still going to work, it is producing all these negative feelings, that do no good at all. If you are still going to work that day, producing awful feelings about it, if you allow them to be there, they will be seen as futile. Then they may start to drop.

Or you just will not go to work, which, depending on your situation, can be fine as well. Often people can feel quite world-weary, depressed, like everything is pointless since nothing lasts, or even the smallest things now seem like a tremendous effort. Even waking up may seem more difficult.

So, let this cycle take its course. It will not last, if allowed. But it is not your job to dictate how long it should last. Let the darkness be. Everyone tells you that you should be up and feeling good, and if you don't then this can create another conflict, trying to feel a certain way, struggling to feel better or unburdened. Let yourself feel low, don't pay much attention to what anyone else has to say. If you are allowing life, the moment, to be exactly as it is, even if these feelings are still there, the suffering will lessen. And then, once your resistance drops away, you may notice life seeming to become more helpful, or you may appreciate things you never noticed before.

So, maybe you feel exhausted, and it is as if your body and mind just want you to rest. I'm not sure. Sometimes things like depression force people to rest, and the world-weariness and seeming strain of life is a push that forces you to a new way of living. A way of not striving for the next moment, not judging life, not spending the whole day trying to be elsewhere. And the surprising thing is, action can still happen, but it is lighter, and often more effective. But don't seek any particular outcome, just let whatever is, be whatever it is. If you don't try to manipulate it, you are free.

Hope that helps in some way, thanks for your question.

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Comments for Feeling Depression

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Nov 30, 2015
by: julia

Thank you so much Adam..i really appreciate your answer. I feel so much lighter after reading it. I will let myself just be and not try so hard. Thank you 

Nov 30, 2015
by: Adam - InnerPeaceNow.com

Great to hear, thanks Julia.