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by Theo



I’ve been interested in spirituality for 15 years now, but the last 3 months I really understand what it means to stay as awareness or stay present, I am that, I am before every thought, emotion, body and event, I’m the witness of the 5 senses, that “I” does no really exist etc.

Anyway I have some chronic skin problem and I was wondering if there is a way through spirituality to heal this body. Even this problem has helped me to come closer to spirituality. Maybe staying as awareness on the body that the problem exists, without expecting anything healing may come - but I would like to listen if you have some other opinion.

Thank you


The first thing that comes to mind, although you may have considered this already, is that some people report that skin conditions are a reaction to a certain diet that other people seem to be unaffected by. This only comes from a TV programme I once watched where a guy suffering from intense eczema found the condition greatly alleviated when he reduced certain foods (particularly processed sugars), and replaced certain foods with other nutrient-rich alternatives. If you have not looked into this, it is worth some research.

In terms of self-healing, what you have mentioned is one option which I will expand on, which can be applied to any physical ailment. As a disclaimer, I will say this is not attempting to replace medical advice.

You may wish to establish a conscious connection with the skin condition, not calling it good or bad or anything at all, but feeling it from within. Feel the energy of the skin or the skin condition, be with it, allow it. If you allow your attention to be with how the condition feels from within, how the skin is reacting, then you may come to a deeper understanding of what is happening. If you approach this in silence, without expectation as you have mentioned, then you may find some insights arising on the cause of the condition, how it can be aided, or you may find yourself feeling the energy of the skin directly. If you can, always be in acceptance, let it be, welcome what arises – this is the space for healing. Don’t force anything. You may find that the condition is linked to certain emotions or inner tendencies, I am not sure. Again, acceptance, allowance and non-judgement is what heals.

If you are in touch with the stillness within, the timeless aspect of being, you can allow this to emerge to engulf the energy of the body, allow the Life within to fully inhabit all of the body. Be aware of the pictures that your mind throws up about the skin condition, and then let them go. Be without mental pictures, and only be with what you can feel. In this way your mind or conditioning is no longer contributing to the skin condition, and healing may occur in the openness and simple feeling of the energies present. None of this need be a strain, just be empty and open. 

Feel the underlying force of Life that is the source of the skin condition, without which the condition could not exist. This awareness, this approach of pure feeling, may purify any heavier energies that manifest themselves as the condition.

The final thing I could say is that through complete surrender to a condition like this, you may find pockets of resistance, feelings of wanting the condition to be gone etc. If you allow these, surrender to these feelings, you weaken the resistance that may sustain the condition in the first place. You also go deeper into peace, as I am sure you have already found. The strongest surrender, which seems counter-intuitive, is to accept something as if you had chosen it be there.

I hope this helps you somehow, apart from this I do not feel I can say much else.

Thanks for your question


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Apr 11, 2014
Thank you 
by: Theo

Thank you Adam for your answer, was very helpful, and the last sentence of yours it was that make the change inside me and make the problem not be a problem anymore...its just something that exist there on this body.

"The strongest surrender, which seems counter-intuitive, is to accept something as if you had chosen it be there."