Higher Self

by Sonya
(Dundee, Scotland)


Hi Adam,

How do you know if you have reached your higher self? I have tried through meditating and only seen a picture of mona liza i don't if its because I am frightened when its about to reveal itself I only receive symbols instead. What exactly is the higher self or spirit guide and how do you know if you have been in contact, as sometimes I think it's just my imagination.


Hi Sonya. Put simply: I don't know. I can not advise you very well in this area. 

I know what you are referring to, but I can not really advise on how to contact what people call the higher self or spirit guides. By higher self I assume you mean a somewhat distant version of your individuality, which is wiser and more detached from the physical world, than what you think you are now.

All of this takes you further into the mind, further into projections, as you have said - sometimes the imagination comes in. One could say that everything you perceive, particularly in meditation, is just a projection of the mind. I am not saying spirit guides do not exist, but I can not tell you much about contacting them. Sorry.

In terms of searching for the higher self - What is the real Self? Can it be any person or individual or sensation that is perceived? Surely it is the reality in which everything functions, everything is perceived. Without you to exist in the first place, there would be no meditation, no sleep, no wakefulness, no dreams, no imagination. Reverse the attention somewhat, be aware of yourself prior to the imagination rising

If there are different versions of yourself, a lower one, a higher one, which one is real? Surely there is only one of you. To be aware of your original, real Self, drop the idea of "you" or any idea about who you are.

Sorry if I could not answer you question directly, or at all.

If you are looking for guidance in some area of Life, within yourself is all the wisdom and truth you will ever need. The only thing that seems to mask it is an imaginary identity that has formed over the years. 

Thanks for your question