How To Deal With Chronic Pain Pt.2

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Hi Adam.

It's Jacob again. I just wanted to reply and give my own review if that is okay?

I just want people to know it is definitely identification to the thoughts and stories that play out in our heads that make pain much worse! Of course, physical pain is still painful, but won't change in its intensity if we don't add our own story to it. I know this through my own experience.

Yes, I still have my moments of bodily aches and pains, but I remain present with it. I notice being alert with it, watching whatever comes in my mind about it is not true. It's all false. I also realise I have got into a bit of habit of allowing my feelings and thoughts to consume me, which makes matters worse. I know it's a new habit if you like to keep reminding myself, or either it is brought to my awareness again that all this is already happening and just stay with it, allow it to work its way as it wishes inside my body.

I wouldn't say I am completely cured! Again, I would say this would be another thought, a futuristic one and the more I set my heart on the goal of being cured I am asking for trouble. It's like I have come to the conclusion, the realisation if you like that everything is the way it is - even the pain, the 'bad' feelings, the 'bad' thoughts. Allow myself to feel and think whatever I like - just don't believe in them, no matter how harsh, tough or strong they appear. Yes, it does feel like a challenge, but that is just another thought!

Alertness and surrender is what gives all us courage. Not 'trying' to be brave. Realising that there is no one trying to do anything - again, it's just a thought! It was a massive revelation to me when I figured this out, even then - no one figured it out. It is hard to explain, words are limiting me.

I have no idea why such feelings/thoughts are there, but I suppose like the sky, the sky doesn't question the weather or the seasons - it just is!

I see my moods like the seasons now. Spring being the moment of awakening for me, Summer being the enjoyment of feeling alive, Autumn a death of that cycle and winter would for some feel like depression, but winter gives nature a break, Winter can be seen as the restful period, getting ready for spring to arrive again. Everything is a cycle a pattern. I see it now. And it's amazing it only took myself to write to you, read your response and something in your words woke me up!

So, it's not a problem I am seeking answers for, it's just a review! Or a comment back to tell you that my body is going through the motions of chronic pain, but it eases if I don't get in the way of it! I realise I am not bringing anything on myself, I don't have a choice what is going on, but I do have a choice in what part I will play in it. If that makes sense. People have commented on my change and they wonder if it's just a different perspective I have took. Maybe that is the case, I don't know. All I know is - it's no longer me suffering with pain, but finding a way to be at peace with it. I still complain about it from time to time, and other times I can even find a sense of humour in it. I just don't let it incapacitate me the way it did before. I really was beginning to 'believe' I was in pain and that was the issue - I 'believed' it to be true and I gave it power with that belief.

Anyway Adam, all the best with your site. It has helped me so much and continues to do so! I just cannot thank you enough.

Sincerely Grateful,

Jacob :-) 


Great stuff. Thank you for writing that, thank you for letting me know how it is going. I wish you well, and you are welcome.

I particularly liked your words on the sky and the seasons.

One more thing I could add: 

Don't call it "your" body anymore. It is the universe's body. If that resonates, great, if not, ignore it.