How To Overcome Spiritual And Intellectual Pride?

by Jayanthan


Whenever I get some time to relax I used to learn a lot about spirituality. But when I see someone watching a movie or browsing some funny videos etc I consider them as fools and that is not worth doing...

Each time I learn something I consider myself superior to them. Then I started to consider all the pleasure giving activities are pointless...

I started abstaining from those pleasure as it is not worth doing.

I feel myself separated. All those activities which I've enjoyed earlier became pointless...I cannot enjoy those activities anymore.

Please help me to overcome this pride of being spiritual.


Well at least you notice all of this happening. That is significant. Many people may not even detect it happening within themselves. So the only thing left is to no longer take it to be a measure of who you are. Rather than identifying with it, saying "I do this or I do that," just notice it as a tendency, rather than as yourself.

If you don't identify with it, then the importance you give it will naturally decrease. If it is turned into something that "you" are doing that must be addressed, then it becomes a bigger deal than it really is.

It's nothing, really. It is noticed but that is it. It passes. The more it is seen as something ephemeral, it will lose its reality. Don't resist it, and it will fall off.

Also just give people space to be, if you really want to stop judging them. Let them be. You don't have to fix them through judgement.

I am not sure what activities you mean, but it is true that sometimes things you used to do just lose their interest for you, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Really the original pride is to separate yourself in the first place by saying "I". Don't say "I", then there is no separation, no pride, but existence.

Also you seem to still be thinking of yourself as a spiritual person, so you are still limiting your sense of self into a concept, which will then seek superiority and preservation. Don’t confine yourself to an idea.



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Jul 16, 2016
Thank You so much Adam NEW
by: Jayanthan

Thanks for giving a valuable insight. this is gonna change the course of my Life.