Meditation Question - How To Be Aware Of Two Or More Things Simultaneously?

by Bharat
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)



I am a Pranic healing student and practice Twin Heart meditation regularly. You may be knowing that it’s a guided meditation and we listen to our master's recorded voice and try to follow what he says.

At one point our master ask us to chant the mantra "OM" and be aware of the silent gap between two OMs and also asks us to imagine a brilliant star on our crown chakra simultaneously.

I find it difficult to do so and wonder if it is possible for anybody to be to do the above three thing simultaneously and be aware of them.

Can you please shed some light on it.

Thanks in anticipation,




I am not aware of this meditation that you speak of, but I will do my best to answer your question.

Perhaps we could start by saying don’t take this too seriously. Meditation is ultimately he opposite of strain, so if there feels as if there is excessive effort or strain to carry out the practice that you speak of, relax. Don’t try to get anything perfect, or expect any experience. Surely one of meditation’s most valuable properties is that one gives themselves permission to drop expectation and intention, which then can find its way into everyday life as well.

With the chanting of OM, not only is there a silence in between the sounds, there is the same silence beneath the sounds, which exists even while the sounds are being produced. Perhaps use the mantra to be aware of the natural, unbroken silence which is ever present, from which all noise and sounds emanate. The silence is not the achievement of anyone, it is naturally here without effort, without production. The chant can help limit the mental noise and wandering of the mind, so that it is evident that there is a silence in existence, without which, no sound could be.

Treating the chant in this way will mean that the silence between “OMs” is not an appearance in between sounds that needs to be looked out for or noticed, but a constant undercurrent of all experience. If you drop your expectations, you may feel yourself to be one with this silence or emptiness, rather than a person that feels separate from it. The person is merely an appearance, as I’m sure you are aware.

In terms of visualising the star, don’t force anything. Let it be there rather than trying to create it, if this is the meditation you still choose to take part in. If the star is not there, and instead there is some darkness, or no image at all, let this be. Do not make any demands of yourself. Don’t struggle, judge or condemn. You may find a light appearing by itself, or you may simply feel more comfortable simply remaining imageless. 

From my own point of view, there is nothing wrong with a relinquishment of image-making, since who you are is no image. You are that in which all images appear. In fact you are already this ultimate awareness in which all appears. The practice of meditation, although potentially valuable, can be misleading in that it can accentuate the sense of achievement, time and progress, when in fact the awareness that you are knows nothing of time, achievement or progress. How to know yourself as this? Notice that without judgement, you are aware of everything. You are aware of the OM, aware of silence of mind, aware of any image, including that of the crown chakra. You are also aware of the sense of difficulty that arises in this meditation, you are aware of the desire to resolve this, and you are aware of the person who appears to practice meditation. Already you are aware of it all, but since we are so used to identifying with objects, or things that arise in awareness, a confusion develops, which is merely another transient appearance in awareness.

Let the meditation continue if you enjoy or feel benefit, or if you simply find it happening, but beyond effort, before intention or visualisation, you are already here. You are aware of the practice of meditation itself, so you already are this awareness. Even if the sense of ego or difficulty or confusion is arising, you are already aware. The awareness that you are does not care for confusion or ego, to the awareness, nothing else exists.

Take the attention to the awareness itself, rather than what appears in it.

I may still not have answered your question directly. It may be possible for this experience to happen, aware of the Om, the silence, some light, but what causes trouble is the sense of “me doing it”. In fact, all these aspects of the experience are appearances, or feelings that take place, or don’t take place, in an already present awareness. When the mind or the inner person gets involved, you may feel the attention becomes very fragmented, split, differentiated, and a sense of wholeness or oneness is completely lost. Yet even this experience takes place in an ever present, impersonal awareness, which is without even the sense of “I”.

So the bottom line is to relax. In my view, meditation is not something to be forced. It is a surrender, a letting things be. You may be at a point where visualisations or imaginings are better to be dropped, and if that is so, see how it feels to let this be, rather than trying to force anything. Even if there is a sense of trying, what is aware of this? Be headless, relax.

With this approach either it will be easier to carry out the meditation as you describe, as if it can happen by itself, or you may see no more use in it. Neither is right or wrong.

I hope that helps in some way, thank for your question Bharat,


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Jun 13, 2014
Thanks NEW
by: Bharat


Thank you very much for your quick response. But still I would like to know is it possible, may it be at advanced level of mental development and also that is this what is expansion of consciousnesses is all about? 



Jun 13, 2014
Sure NEW
by: Adam -

Sure its possible for this to happen and for you to be aware of it, I don't see how its anything to do with mental development, and I would not say it is anything to do with expansion of consciousness. Consciousness doesn't expand, it remains as it is, but when the energy of an inner person diminishes, an expanse can be felt when the attention is no longer being sucked into a certain localised point in the mind or body. 

You can be aware of sound, pleasure, pain, vision, smell, all at the same time, but it is only the mind that describes them as all of these separate things. Really it is a single happening, but since the mind divides and separates, it seems like many things are happening, when really it is all one. 

If you wish to "understand" consciousness, be aware of what is aware of everything, rather than the objects of awareness.