What Should I Do With The Energy-Pressures In My Body?

by Maha


Hello Adam,

I felt this energy at my right ear hole since about 1-2 weeks. I thought it would go away but it is there. I tried to meditate, sometimes just let be and not bother it but my attention goes back there at my right side ear. 

After I have watched videos of Satsang with Mooji. He did mention about allowing thoughts to flow, come in and go without participating in it, just be the observer. I am doing this currently, I felt being fully in the present, in the Now. I felt truly peace with myself, it means a lot to me. I’m somehow unsure how to cope when it comes to energy that I can feel and sense that's attached at my body. When I am just sitting or lying down, I can feel these energy that comes to body for example feet, wrist, shoulder and leg. I just be aware of it and not give any interest to it, as Mooji said, give no interest and so it will pass/go (for thoughts).

I'm wondering how about the energy, because I’m conscious and fully aware of it and I can feel it physically, rather than the thoughts (abstract) which I can just simply let go. When it comes to physical sensation, to give no interest and let go is quite uncomfortable for me because my attention goes back there to my right ears. What should I do? Please enlighten me with this. 

I have read the other Q&A it was helpful for me and I wish to have your guidance for this. Your approach for the answers and understanding resonates with me. I mean the way you answer the rest of the questions speaks to me. Like in the "Scary Meditation Experience" your approach for the answer heals me in some way. I was in that situation, your explanation gave me an insights and I felt relief and good vibes from you. Honestly whenever I search online, people's opinion mostly are scary and far from love. I'm truly glad I found your page and a beautiful soul. 

*I apologise for this long message, this is my first time to ask question in a spiritual/awakening websites* 

Hope to hear from you, thank you in advance.


Hello, thanks for your question and words, I’m glad the site has been helpful for you.

These sensations are normal, particularly for people who have been getting into some kind of meditation or spiritual guidance. I am not absolutely sure what they always are - sometimes they can be energies and old structures being released, sometimes you just become more aware of the denser vibrations in the body, and sometimes they seem to be like tricks - once the thoughts no longer hold too much of the attention, energetic sensations come to cause distractions.

It may help to look at it this way: the sensations have arisen by themselves. You did not decide that they arise. So they are not your responsibility to let go of. Out of habit it is fine for the attention to gravitate towards these feelings, but even the localised point of attention is not what you are, since you can report what the attention is doing, where it goes etc. So if the attention gets sucked into these sensations, then let it. You don’t have to strain or fight any of it.

Is it possible to no longer call the attention “mine”? Is it your property if it moves around by itself? 

The attention can go towards these sensations because of an underlying interest or belief that giving attention can fix these energies. If you notice that the attention going towards these energies only tends to make them feel more intense, then interest will drop off by itself. Interest can only really drop off when you see that the object can’t give you anything. If you feel as if you can get something from the energies coming or going, then an underlying interest may remain. So simply see the futility of trying to figure out these energies - since in themselves, they have no meaning.

There can often be a subtle underlying expectation that these feelings should be released or relieved, or that you must do something to solve them. Trying to relieve them or wanting them to be gone, may well keep them seeming more important than they really are.

I am not saying that they do not feel uncomfortable, but they arise in a space that is beyond comfort or discomfort. Be one with the emptiness that the sensations arise within, do not take yourself to be the self-image, and do not demand that the sensations be gone. They will shift or drop off by themselves in their own time.

Drop the idea of yourself (or "I") altogether for a moment.

It is also normal to feel identified with these sensations sometimes, as if your identity is intimately linked to or connected to the energies or sensations that are felt. But since the personal identity that feels attached to these sensations is also somehow observed form a non-local point - it shows that this identity is also a transient energy.

So the short answer is you don’t have to do anything. If you give up relying to your personal strength, and let the power lie fully in the hands of Life, then things will resolve themselves all the more quickly.

Don’t hunt for an ideal experience, don’t aim to eliminate these feelings by yourself - since this will probably just keep everything in place. Do not oppose the experience, do not argue or fight with it. Then how do you feel?

If there are no objections, arguments with or interpretations of the current experience - then is there any issue?

If these words resonate, let them in. If they do not resonate, you can ignore them.

Hope you are well,


Comments for What Should I Do With The Energy-Pressures In My Body?

(from previous website)

Jan 03, 2015
Thank You 
by: Maha

Thank you Adam, yes it did resonate with me. I fully understood every word you said and I have just let it be as it is instead of responding/resist to it. I had a good sleep and more rest knowing that it is completely fine to do nothing nor react to this feeling, although at times the minds keep creating every possible thoughts for me to feel fear and start labelling. I just simply let it go. I let go all the beliefs of needing protection as claim by the enlightens one.. I see it more as a separation of self.. It is never wrong for one's to have their own personal journey but I just noticed that it keeps me limited and not free (to constantly unconsciously resist thoughts in order to feel protected). Either way, none is ever wrong nor right, it is just as it is, growing and learning and remembering our true essence. I just feel that those who are affected by some things, it is an opportunity for us to feel whole or heal by going deeper into ourselves and do as you(Adam) has describe, be the awareness of it without doing anything. I'm truly thankful that this page has revealed the greatest version of myself by reminding me, my true being which is free-flowing, whole, abundance, absence of expectation and judging, no right or wrong. Happy New Year and More Blessing to You and Everyone on this site :)

Jan 07, 2015
Extra Note 
by: Adam - InnerPeaceNow.com

Thanks for your comment Maha, happy new year to you too. An extra a thing to say, if the attention still seems to gravitate towards certain energies, is to disregard everything other than the simple sense of being/existence, the sense "I AM". Just the simple feeling or intuition of existence, which Mooji often talk about. If that is given importance, and everything else regarded as unreal or not your responsibility, then this can help the attention settle into being.