How To Be Free

This whole website is aimed to show you how to be free of everything in the world, so you can be at peace. Freedom does not have to come from years of spiritual study, but can be achieved only now.

Here I have summarised the main points of how to be free:

  • Stop trying to be free.
  • Accept everything that arises in consciousness - in your exterior world of people, places or things, or in you interior world of thoughts, sense perceptions and emotions.
  • Everything that arises and subsides, comes and goes, changes in any way - is not who you are. You are the awareness of these things, which does not change.
  • You are not the thinker of thoughts.
  • You are not any emotion that arises.
  • Give your thoughts no authority, see them as meaningless.
  • Give your emotions no authority, see them as meaningless.
  • Give your sense perceptions no authority, see them as meaningless.
  • Know that your inner state is far more important than anything external. If you give your inner state priority, you will find that your external world becomes far easier to deal with.
  • Let go of your past.
  • Know that time exists only through thinking. Time is a concept.
  • The only moment is now, and it is as it is.
  • Forget everything you have been told, everything you have learnt, everything that you are, have been or will be, every idea or feeling you ever had. Then what is left? - You - the still awareness that can not be harmed.
  • Your life is just one moment that seems to involve lots of different moments, but it is all just one moment. So accept the one moment that you are always in.
  • "Men are disturbed not by things that happen but by their opinion of the things that happen" - Epictetus.
  • Separate the situation from the thoughts you have about it. Notice how so much suffering is just from you believing all of the thoughts being produced by your mind. They are just thoughts, do not take them so seriously.
  • Realise how much inner peace you have gained from the world of form. Probably not much. It can not be found "out there". Just go within.
  • Acceptance of what is = inner peace.
  • Let other people be as they are. Expect nothing from others. Expect no particular behaviour or intelligence.
  • Life is a spiritual practice. Each moment is showing you the ego that is still within you. Use life to cleanse your mind.
  • Are you currently aware of the stillness inside your body and surrounding your body?
  • Know that every thing can change at any moment.
  • Your body changes as you get older. It is constantly changing. After a certain number of years, all of the cells of your body have died and been replaced with new ones, so it is a completely different body. Yet you have not changed. You have been there the whole time. You are the one that can observe your changing body. You can observe this because you can not be changed.
  • Be still. Find the stillness within that is untouched and unmoved even as the mind makes noise. Rest in this unconcerned stillness.

How to be free is so simple that our thinking minds can not understand it. The thinking mind will resist and reject any path to true freedom, because true freedom is a result of dis-identifying from your thinking mind.