The Inner Body - The Portal To Peace

The Inner Body

"Inner body" is another name for the inner energy field of your body. This name seems to have originated in the teachings and books of Eckhart Tolle, but you can call it what you want - life, energy, chi - the name does not really matter. 

It can be entered just by taking awareness to a body part, as if you are feeling it from within. Dwelling in the inner body leaves you in a state of increased presence and inner peace.

Go Beyond Your Physical Form

Inner body awareness takes you beyond the physical body. By going deeper into the body, you go beyond it. This inner body energy field is the life that pervades your physical form. Being in touch with it takes you into a realm of spaciousness that is part of who you are.

Feeling the inner body withdraws consciousness from the ego. It withdraws consciousness from the continuous stream of thinking that the mind is used to producing.

Do not worry if you can not feel the inner body very strongly yet, all it takes is practice.

Feeling the Inner Body

Inner body can be perceived as inner space. Take your awareness into a body part of yours - your feet, hands, arms, legs, torso, for example. Then hold your attention there. Feel. Feel that there is a space within this body part, and then you may feel some sense of tingling or aliveness around it. This is feeling the inner body.

Hold the attention there, you may become distracted by thought, that is ok. Just go back to the inner body awareness. As you practice this you will be able to feel the inner body more clearly, and will be able to feel a larger sense of spaciousness throughout your whole body, not just one part.

You can use the breath to either bring you in or keep you in the body.

By practicing this you are going into stillness, into a deeper dimension that you may not have been previously aware.

Become one with this stillness within. Dwell in it. This inner space is the source of true peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Healing The Body

Using inner body awareness is a practice to free you from the grip of the thinking mind and leave you in a state of inner peace. It can also be very effective for healing the body. Giving your body attention in this way allows the vital life force to flow throughout the physical structure and clear any energy blocks that are causing ailments.

Entering Your Deathless Nature

Inner body awareness keeps you rooted and grounded within yourself. It takes you into the source of creation. Through the body you begin to enter the deathless reality of what you are - pure formless consciousness, pure awareness.


Practice feeling the body from within as often as you can.

As with the breath, this can be practiced as a formal meditation, or at any point during your day when you are active or non active. You may find that while having your attention in the inner body, your actions have a far higher quality. 

There is a certain detachment from the external world when you can feel this depth within you, as you are aware that there is something more to this moment than what is happening externally. There is something within that does not change while everything around appears to.

Inner body/inner space awareness keeps you rooted within the present moment, and automatically increases your state of consciousness so that you can become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, and therefore disidentify from them.

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