The Mirror Of Other People's Opinions

Other People's Opinions Can Expose Your Own

A common discomfort for people is caring too much what others think of them. Other people's opinions start to become significant things. Here is a possible solution...

Usually how we fear to be judged by others, is simply a mirror of how we have already judged ourselves. If we believe something about ourselves, and if we don’t like this belief, if we resist it or aren’t comfortable with it, then we will fear other minds believing the same thing too.

If someone says something to you about yourself that seems to shake or rattle you, it is only because the frequency of their words is hitting that same frequency in you. One belief from someone else touches the same belief within you, and it starts to feel uncomfortable.

If you had huge pink hair that you didn’t like, and someone came up and started pointing it out, then you would probably feel uncomfortable. If you had huge pink hair that you were fully comfortable with, and someone pointed it out, then you wouldn’t mind. If you had black hair and someone made fun of you for having big pink hair, then it wouldn’t make any sense or cause any offence.

It is all about what you believe, and what you haven’t accepted about yourself. Other people show you what you already believe about yourself, and whether you like or dislike the belief.

Our unwillingness to accept our apparent flaws, or our willingness to give credit to them, means we can often be held hostage to the fear of other people noticing them too. If we are completely open to accept all beliefs about ourselves, then they no longer hold such a dense negative frequency within us, and they lose their significance.

So remember that how you fear being judged by others is nothing to do with the others. It is really just a fear of your worst ideas about yourself being exposed and experienced, when we often prefer to keep them hidden and not fully felt.

The secret is to expose to yourself what you are believing about yourself that makes you feel low or uncomfortable in any way. Then, realise that these are merely beliefs, opinions, conditioned ideas that are only one personal version of things.

Or, you just accept and welcome the belief so much that it begins to lose its negative charge…

The negative beliefs about ourselves are addictive because they seem to give us an identity. Secretly we would rather be something bad or uncomfortable instead of being nothing at all. Becoming comfortable with nothingness is more empowering than we realise, and gives space for our natural talents or desires to express themselves.

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