How To Get Motivation For Action


Hi Adam,

I have a small doubt that I need your help with. There is a conflict within me about working on my website. One part inside wants to progress with it. Another part balks at the workload and won't bend the mind to think of it. Since I have been reading your writings and meditating regularly, I have been "spectating this conflict" without taking sides, and without feeling as if these are "my voices" inside "my head". But even as I dispassionately watch all this, I keep wondering that there is no end in sight to this conflict. It seems to be there all the time and there is no progression from it, either towards action or towards renunciation of the whole idea. What does one do in such a situation? Do inner conflicts resolve themselves eventually?




I would say don't try to resolve the conflict, but simply set aside fifteen minutes to give attention to your website. Don't even think of it as work. Just give it attention, honour it, see what IT wants to become. The idea of the workload is really just an idea. Write down whatever overwhelms you so that it is no longer in your head. If you just break it down to a simple fifteen minutes and no more, you will easily and naturally see that it was not as painful and arduous as the mind was building it up to be. Break everything down, make everything as simple as possible. You can only ever do one thing at a time.
Fifteen minutes may seem too insignificant to even bother with. But it is hugely significant, and is far better than doing nothing. It is a start. It breaks the mental barrier. It breaks up resistance. Instead of meditating over it, just spend the same amount of time giving attention to your website, and seeing what it wants YOU to do. Make it simple.
Does that help?
All the best, thanks for your question,