5 Things To Give Up For Inner Peace

Surely giving up something is easy.  You need no longer expend effort trying to maintain these behaviours.  If they arise by themselves, let them come, but don’t worry yourself with analyzing them or contributing.

Giving up something only seems hard if there is an addiction.  Never think “I am addicted to this behaviour”, just be aware that a strange addiction is there.  Just witness it act out.

Give up:

1) Trying To Feel Different

Trying to feel differently than you do just creates conflict and more misery.  The way out is to completely accept how you feel at this moment, without wanting it to be different, and without judging the feelings. 

This will not make sense to the mind, it will say “you must feel a certain way before you can be happy”.  This is not true.  You can be at peace now only by accepting your present state without adding interpretation.


2) Engaging With The Past

What you think is the past is not even true.  It is a tiny, limited perspective of what happened, usually coloured by personality and identity.  When it arises in you as thinking, there is no need to engage.


3) Defining Yourself With Opinions or Concepts

Why falsely limit yourself into a concept?  You witness concepts.


4) Interpreting Life Mentally

The moment you start story-telling or indulging the idea of “me”, you are dreaming.  The dream is not necessarily “bad”, it is just unreal.


5) Seeking Approval

This becomes an addictive, imaginary cage.  There will always be those that approve or disapprove, whatever happens.  Treat them the same.  

Give people the freedom to think what they like.  In return for your gift of freedom, you receive it.