Joy and How To Feel Good


Poems are like whispers of the soul.
They come out of the purity of life,
and they are filtered through the mind of the human being.

The tortured mind is the filter for the spirit,
the logical mind is often the blocker,
the clear mind is the channel, 
and the empty mind is the spirit itself.

Get out of your own way.
Be flowed.
Feel good because it feels good,
because it benefits everything else,
because you don’t need to feel bad,
because soon we will all be dead,
and we will be wondering why we ever wasted it feeling bad.

Be so happy that sadness is scolded,
or let yourself be so sad that the sadness runs in confusion.
Be yourself. Be free.
Express your joy, don’t try to catch it elsewhere.
Feeling good need not always be at the mercy of circumstance.
Feeling good is the master of circumstance.

To tie your joy to a story that doesn’t allow you to be joyous,
is chaining your self to misery.
Our blocks and stories that feel no good,
are never any good.
Make a new story to feel good,
just to feel good,
or abandon all stories, altogether.

But if you abandon them, make sure you abandon them.
Don’t leave any of them hiding in the shadows.
Torch them with your light.
Let go of what hurts, because of the fact,
that it only hurts.

And if they can’t be changed or abandoned,
embrace them so they scream and dissolve on impact,
so that you can’t remember any more what you felt low about,
and you only have space for the pure space of existence.

When you no longer enslave your attention
into the tiny tiny knowledge you think you have,
then you are open to a much wider magic,
a much bigger life,
and much more joy.

So enjoy.

why not?