A Quick Tip For Inner Peace

A tip for inner peace that some may find helpful, is to take every aspect of experience as if it were the will of God. If you don’t like the word “God” then we could say Nature, Life, the Universe, Existence, or whatever you want. Take everything as if it were the will of some higher intelligence which always has the best and highest intentions. This includes all the bad as well as the good. All of the discomforts as well as the comforts. Anything you think should not be there, any guilts, any resistances, any “bad” habits or “limiting beliefs”, anything you take to be ‘spiritual’ as well as ‘unspiritual’, healthy or unhealthy, useful or useless, painful or pleasant - anything and everything - take the present experience as if it were coming from and out of God, or the will of Nature.

See what happens.