A Useful Reminder

A Useful Reminder

How useful it can be to realise
That no body will last forever.
Sounds depressing at first, but to real eyes,
It's like Nature is changing the weather.

When you no longer assume that all will last,
You no longer take them for granted -
The people in life that have always been there,
But one day will appear as departed.

Death is something we talk about
But no one can really fathom.
But to accept the impermanence of human beings,
Will enlighten your interactions.

Anyone who makes you feel bad, 
Will one day be dead in the grave.
And when your body expires, 
You'll not give a damn what they say.

Knowing that humans aren’t forever,
Decreases hatred and judgement.
And at the same time, for those who you love,
You'll appreciate them in abundance.

You won't get bogged down in the silly small things,
That often eat away inside.
The little but painful, niggles of life,
Are seen in the light, and subside.

Anyone you love, who is valued in life,
Will now be valued all the more.
Cherished, appreciated, not overlooked,
And yet not so clung to anymore.

We tend to assume that all is forever,
Then when someone dies we are surprised.
Don’t wait for death to come and remind you
Who you really love in your life.

Looking at how the people all come
And go like a morning breeze,
You'll worry less, arguments will decrease,
And you'll marvel at all of the trees!

From the book:

Photo above by Olli Henze on Flickr