Am I Making Spiritual Progress?


First, Adam. Your two books Undisturbed and Get Out Of The Cage are fantastic in their scope and simplicity. Your understanding seems to be rooted in a very spacious foundation.

My question is, I have overcome a lot from addiction, anxiety, self esteem and I owe it all to Buddhism and my practice of almost three years. As I approach my 3rd soberthday. I kind of feel like I read too many Buddhist books and that though I have come so far, I really haven't gotten anywhere, is that weird? In the midst of feeling so much better and waking up a little. I wonder if I've gotten anywhere at all. Your thoughts, please and thank you.


Hi Ron,

Brilliant, thank you for your support of the books and I'm very glad they have been helpful for you. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Perhaps it isn't about getting anywhere. Perhaps it is all about letting go of needless suffering and having a more enjoyable life as a result.

FEELING SO MUCH BETTER is the main gauge you can use for progress, if you want to measure it. It might not seem like a big deal to a mind that is perhaps secretly (or obviously) seeking some monumental experience, but it is the only thing that really counts.

Appreciate feeling better, and let that grow and appreciate even more. If your success is measured by how much better you feel, then not only will you feel successful, but you open yourself up to all the good intended for you.

I hope that can help. Thanks again for your message and you can always write back if needed.

All the best,


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