An Experiment - An Idiot For A Day

Just for today, be an idiot. It can be a refreshing change from trying to be clever. Have no cleverness, don’t be bothered about thinking, don’t presume you have knowledge of the world, Life or about other people. 

Don’t act as if you know who you are, what has happened to you, or what might happen. Be completely un-shrewd, un-clever, without depending on stored knowledge or concepts.

If trouble comes, be too stupid to even know what it means, don’t have names for things, don’t reach any conclusions about anything at all.

And what results from this? Do you really become stupid, unintelligent? The world may say “yes, of course, it’s like you aren’t even there anymore” - and this is right. The inner entity that is often trying to manipulate life or experiences, is not really there, and so a greater intelligence can more easily rise to the surface. Operation is no longer so ego-focussed, and so you have space to act far more intelligently, and lightly, if the moment should require.

This isn’t to say thoughts can’t arise, but if the dependence on concepts is not there, then thought can be fresh and creative.

Past knowledge may be appropriate for something such as cooking a meal or doing something at work - but now it is lighter, and has flexibility to be enhanced or improved on if necessary.

So just try it, or rather, stop trying to be so clever, and see how you feel. See if you lose anything other than stupidity.