Are Thoughts Creative...The Law Of Attraction


Hi Adam, You have a wonderful website...

My question has to do with thoughts. Law of attraction says that strong positive thoughts are creative and if you visualise something it will materialise if there is strong emotion.

But when you don't pay attention to thoughts and let it all pass how can you make your thoughts creative? And if you don't pay too much attention to your thoughts how can you apply law of attraction?

I am really sorry if my question is confusing



Yes, thoughts are creative. I feel that if the constant stream of thinking is not given so much importance, if attention begins to rest back in to feeling rather than thinking, if there is an absorption back into the universal silence, then that is the very source of all creative action. Creativity can then happen, but it is far less personal. It is less "ok, I will decide what to create and then create it," but rather a power just flows when necessary. Also the decrease of resistance is what makes one feel "higher", with a higher vibration that the law of attraction talks about. It is easier to see abundance everywhere, it is more natural to feel good, and that all fits in with the law of attraction.

So from there things can shift, you become more creative as a human being, your urges may become fresh and creative, and in terms of creating new life situations, you may find it easy to at least feel how it feels to have a certain life situation. The sense of freedom and lightness and joy or fullness can already be there, without necessarily thinking of anything. Then you may feel it is in some way connected to a particular vision, which is already within you, rather than personally being plucked from the sky.

So I would say law of attraction just becomes less personal, and things that you think that you want, how you think things should be, may not always be what is best. The main thing is how you feel, how grateful, appreciative you feel. And this is far easier when you lose interest in a fearful, panicked, hurried or worried sense of self.

When you are less resistive to thinking, there is space. Then a creative thought can emerge through this space that has power, and will carry out its function by itself. As long as there is no longer a resistance to it, creativity is free to move and manifest. To go a step further, you can let go of everything, of what you think you want, and then what is really right for your life can fully move into that space. The general "rule" with all of that is: if it feels better, go with that.

Bentinho Massaro is a teacher who talks a lot about law of attraction and manifestation, as well as self-realisation. His stuff may resonate with you.

It all comes down to how you feel now, that is it. If you become too attached to some vision, like you need something to happen to be happy, then it will lose power. The fullness, the ease can be accessed now. That's what we really want, and things can flow from there. You don't have to know everything, you don't have to know what your life should look like for it to materialise in a good way. Some find an absolute joy in not knowing, in leaving it to the universe completely, and a great intelligence operates in their lives without their effort. Some people may have inspired goals or dreams or visions, which often is that same intelligence working through them.

Sometimes people find they have no visions, no goals, or their desires seem to lack power when previously they could go after what they wanted. This can be a time where the personal mind and its ambitions begins to dissolve, and a deeper power begins to move through.

Does that help?