Are You Still Waiting For Liberation?

Many of us are still waiting for something. In this area, we can still be waiting for some experience of liberation, after which “we” can be liberated. Get out of this game. Don’t be a slave to experience. Freedom is freedom from experience itself. Be free first, then let the experience do what it wants. How can you be free now? By giving up your arguments with this present experience of life.

When you are no longer in conflict with the present experience, when you are no longer trying to manipulate what is experienced, not comparing this experience to how you used to feel or how some guru has described how they feel, then there is freedom, but to call it an experience is misleading and can sustain the hunt for personal enlightenment. The quickest way to dissolve the ego is to stop aiming for any other experience than the one that has already shown up. This seems almost lazy, too easy, and perhaps this is a reason why it is never truly given a chance. It is so simple, and isn’t personal.

Experience is unpredictable, spontaneous, beyond personal control. If you stop believing it is yours to manipulate, and you stop arguing with it, whatever it may be, then the ego cannot survive.

The only thing that makes you feel bound is the idea that “this experience is inadequate, and I should be feeling different”, “my mind should be quieter” or “I should have no anxiety before I can be free”. No – these assumptions of experience before freedom are the only things that make you feel un-free. If you no longer argue with the present experience, no longer believe it should be different, freedom is here. As a result the psychological or physical experience, if it is to shift or change, will do so by itself, without you even needing it to.