Completion Is Now

Completion is now. It can only be now. Waiting for something to make you feel whole and complete, is just declaring that you are missing something. You have probably grown up being told that completion is in the next thing, the next acquisition, the next achievement, and then when the next thing comes, you drop the need for searching for completion, and it feels great.

Then the pattern starts again, and you are told you must always be looking round the corner for the next thing to make you happy. Have you ever been told that you need not wait for happiness, that everything can still come, and is probably more likely to come, when you are not trading your sense of wholeness for a sense of waiting, when you no longer believe that the “waiting mentality” will actually get anything to come to you faster?

If you remain waiting for your life to get going, then that is of course what you will always experience - waiting for the next thing. It might seem like the whole world is waiting, telling you that you should too, that you can not be fully happy yet. Maybe a bit happy, but not fully, not completely. Do the world a favour, and don’t believe it.

The real peace, the wholeness, is not something that you need to create. It is always there, and emerges when the cellular beliefs that “Life or I am not enough yet” are exposed and no longer believed…or if by some grace, we just stop waiting.