Dealing With Bipolar


Hi Adam, do you have any suggestions in dealing with Bipolar? I have days when I am really positive, working out, energetic and then days where I don't feel like doing anything at all. Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Well, I can not give any medical advice, or advice that is guaranteed to change your state from non-energetic to energetic.

However I could suggest relinquishing all resistance to both states. It is unlikely that you are in resistance to a high-energy positive state, but when the low-energy comes, let it come. Do not even call it “low-energy”, or “bipolar.” These are just human interpretations and ideas. Also be aware if you feel negative because of the low-energy. Our high-paced society obsessed with good workers means that low-energy is seen as a very negative thing, usually because you are then not so good at working for someone else. So I would say let the low-energy be there. Pay no attention to what you or others think about it. It may be a natural resting period, or a time where contemplation or slow-paced activity can happen. I don’t know, but the most futile thing you can do is argue with it. Then if there is anything that seems to really need doing, then it is easier because your reserves of energy aren’t spent fighting how the body is feeling. There is some space, a certain lightness around the heaviness.

Hope that can help in some way.