Dissolving The Need For Drama

If you observe yourself and others, without even forming any ideas or judging anything, you may be aware that something inside loves to create drama. Whether it is irritation, anxiety, anger, frustration, mental stories, past or future happenings - something loves the drama. On the surface we may say “I don’t like the drama, but this situation is causing me to feel upset”, or “I don’t like drama, but can’t help but feel negative about this”. 

Look at it deeply, suspiciously. Something must enjoy or feed off of the drama that is created inside. Why else would it be there? The outside is as it is, the inside is where the stories are made. Are the stories true? They are true for the mind, but are they really true? Are they in fact just thoughts that the mind has created in response to some external stimuli?

Inner drama also exists because we believe it is beneficial. Is it beneficial?  Does it help you? If it helps, feel free to stay in it. If it does not help at all, then realising this is enough to break its power. How can you identify with something useless and harmful?

Once the tendency for creating drama is seen - allow it, let it be, do not judge it or interfere. This also removes its power.