I feel dizzy all the time, I feel like I have pressure in my head and my neck is really tense. People tell me that it is anxiety and not to think about it - but how can I not think about it when I can feel it all the time and feel like I'm going to fall over or pass out? When I try not to think about it it seems to come on even stronger. 

I get on with my life - I go to work, I go out - all that sort of stuff but yet it is still there all the time. I feel that my heart is racing then I think is it because of this then I think I am ill and it isn't anxeity and the doctors have missed something. Really dizzy all the time and it just won't go no matter what I do.

Please help if you can.

Many thanks,

Rachel Haslam


Hi Rachel. I would recommend grounding techniques if you have not tried these already. “Grounding” or “Earthing” is enhancing your connection to the earth and spreading your energy throughout your body, not just keeping the majority in the head/neck area.

1) - The first thing to do is to sit down with your feet flat on the floor. This is most effective if you are outside, in contact with the Earth, but if you are in a flat or apartment block, this can still be effective.

2) Then drop all name calling of these feelings you have. Let them be there. Resisting them will only make them stronger. Allow them to be.

3) Then become aware of your feet in contact with the ground/floor. Just be aware of the existence of your feet, and that they are touching the floor beneath. This begins to redirect some attention away from the dizziness, down towards the earth. Just feel your feet on the ground/floor, and be aware of the ground as a vast, solid foundation for your feet.

4) Be aware of the connection between the floor and your feet. This can be enhanced by creating a feeling of having strong roots (like a tree) coming out of your feet and connecting you to the Earth. Feel these roots going further and further down into the Earth, constantly strengthening the connection to your feet and rest of your body.

You can also do this with your legs – Feel the existence of your legs, be aware of them. What can you feel? What are your legs in contact with? Enhance the connection between your legs and whatever you are sitting on using the root technique, or anything else that feels comfortable. Some people like to imagine an anchor pulling them down into the Earth.

Whatever thoughts come up while you do this – allow them to be as they are. Do not resist or judge them. It may feel worse at first as you withdraw the fuel of your attention away from the dizziness, and down into your feet/legs/Earth. Just allow everything to be, and calmly redirect the attention. Focus on what you can feel around the feet/leg/ground area, and then hold your awareness there as much as possible.

The attention is likely to go back up in to the head/neck area or into thinking from time to time. Allow this without judgement, and redirect the attention again. This just takes practice.

You can also use the breath to help draw your attention in to the body. Simply noticing what the breath is doing can help create an awareness of inner space and help the attention move towards the Earth or lower down the body.

Another useful grounding technique (which may seem strange) is to breathe “from your feet up” – meaning to feel the breath moving from the ground, up your feet and legs, into your lungs, and then out of your lungs, down your feet and legs, into the Earth. This may in fact feel easier than the techniques already mentioned.

At first grounding may seem difficult, and there may be an impulse to just give up. Try it for ten minutes, earnestly but without resistance, and see if it helps.

For more on grounding, see the guided grounding meditation (click here) 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask (you can comment below or just ask a new question).

Thanks for your contribution to the site


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Oct 08, 2013

by: Anonymous

Thank you for this I will start to try it

Many thanks