Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

by HBK
(U.S. )


Adam, appreciate you creating the website and sharing this fundamental knowledge with the world. I had inner peace as a child. I might not of had the words to describe it but when I read your words I know that I experienced it in the past. But due to a very toxic relationship I lost it...but I am slowly becoming aware of my true self.

My question is a personal one and I don't know how relevant it is to inner peace. But I'm wondering if you believe in soul mates? For a while there I gave up on everything - spirituality, love, etc. Now I've met someone that on a fundamental level believes the same things as me. We had a very strong emotional connection right from the start and there have been some amazing signs from the universe that this is right. This experience and getting to know my true self are making my belief in a higher power stronger than ever before.

So what are your thoughts on soul mates? And also, I do want you to know that my inner peace cannot be disturbed by this relationship. Sure it creates happy and sad emotions but I sit back and experience them for what they are...just thoughts and emotions that I have no control over. Doing this actually makes the relationship more fulfilling because we both know that true happiness only comes from within and can exist together.


I wouldn't say I do or don't believe in soul mates, but sure there are people that really resonate with you and you feel very well matched to, perhaps like you have known them before, or feel as if you've known them for years, when you've only just met, apparently.

A great way to approach the relationship is the way you've described - to enjoy it, to let it help you evolve, enrich your life, and yet not making it or the other person something you are dependent on.

Other than that, I don't have many thoughts on it. I just had another thought that soul mates do not have to be limited to romantic relationships. They could be friends, or maybe even enemies? I don't know, but if something feels good, then it usually is.

Thanks for getting in touch, and good luck,