Does It Deserve Your Anger?

Use Your Energy Wisely

The next time you feel angry, anxious, hateful, resentful or anything else, just ask this simple question…

Does the situation deserve it? Or does the person deserve it?

Does the person deserve your anger? Does the situation deserve your anxiety? Do they deserve your hatred? Do you deserve your own resentment?

Whatever the negative emotion is being directed towards, see if you can discover whether or not it actually deserves your energy.

Remember that all of it is your energy, and your energy is spent in producing emotions. Negative emotions can be much more of a demand on your energy than positive ones. Negativity tends to drain. So whatever you are spending your energy on must be important. You have to be sure that whatever you spend your energy on deserves your energy.

Ask yourself the question, and see what answer you get…

Inspired by some words from Kevin Hart.

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