Don't Be A Seeker

Most people who are drawn to spiritual teachings often carry around the idea that they are still seeking something. Dropping this idea can be a liberation in itself.

The feeling of “searching for truth” or being a spiritual seeker may be necessary at first to bring you to a spiritual teacher or teaching (for lack of any better phrases), or to bring your attention inside yourself.  Drop the idea of seeking as soon as you can.

The identity of being a seeker or idea that you are seeking something, wanting to lose something or attain something, only keep the mind in delusion and stuck in time.

You are the truth.  The idea that you are seeking enlightenment or even inner peace create the illusion that you are not what you are seeking, that it must be somewhere else.

Drop the idea that there is anything to be realised or sought after.  Surrender yourself, give up all resistance, and simply turn your attention inwards.  Just be aware that you are conscious.  Stop indulging in thinking, lose interest in the mind and its many ideas and opinions, and simply rest inside your own being.  Expecting nothing, searching nothing.

Don’t be a person.  Don’t even be a man or a woman.  Everything the mind has been searching for is already here.

Any sense of seeking arises in your own awareness.