Don't Be Faithful To Suffering

Don't Be Faithful To Suffering

We tend to give great value and importance to our painful emotions, we seem to give great belief and importance to what makes us suffer. We are somehow addicted to it. Don’t give such faith to what hurts. See how it feels to no longer contribute to that which internally disturbs. If you relinquish your faith in the painful, a more peaceful quality can emerge.

Painful or troubling emotions really call for your attention. They demand that they be valued. We unquestioningly seem to give all of our belief and a great deal of importance to anything that limits or disturbs us. Whether it is upset, a sense of lack or limitation, we feed these things in ourselves by taking them seriously, by believing them to be real. They are actually frauds. Troubling thoughts or emotions are usually part of the game of the personal self, to make you believe that the world or other people are the cause for your emotional suffering, rather than the personal self actually being the cause. The personal self (or “the ego”) creates thoughts of this or that, he or she, this or that event, and then endows the thoughts with heaviness or some kind or disturbance. So really the trouble comes from the thoughts alone, not the actual external circumstances or objects.

We are then forever in a trap of trying to resolve or control everything externally so that we can once again be free or at ease. This never ends. You resolve one thing, feel better, then another things comes up. The shortcut to peace is to no longer be loyal to what hurts. If suffering is created inside, why do we give such belief to it? Watch that it is self-created suffering - see the madness of it. If anything, the tendency to worship suffering in ourselves just maintains external situations of a similar frequency, or causes them to re-emerge in our lives.

Don't fight any of it, this would mean you take it seriously. Just let it be, but don't give the worries and trouble such importance. The thoughts and emotions act as if they know what the world is, as if they know what will or won’t happen, and what is good or bad - but all of this is untrue. If you are suffering, you can be sure that the thoughts or emotions creating it are not trustworthy.

Action can still naturally take place, but it is intuitive, not so contaminated by a resistive little entity, but rather flowing from Life itself...

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