Don't Fight The Mind

Whatever you take the mind to be (usually the energy of thought), don't fight with it. In itself, it is nothing, it means nothing. It gains power through the labels it creates for itself such as "my mind", "my strong mind" etc. Thoughts are nothing to be concerned about. You don’t have to fight to eradicate them. They live on interest, belief, attention and resistance, which are also things that you don't have to worry about.

Subtly the mind can begin to tell the story of "the ego that I must get rid of", and so more resistance, condemnation, and a dependence on time can be hidden at the root of many things. If you are not telling a story about experience, then is there a mind? Is there a self to speak of?

Whenever you hear any spiritual guidance, such as "relax, be one with the sense of presence", or "relinquish resistance to the content of experience" or simply "drop all of your notions and efforts, and naturally see who you are" - the final trick that the mind may offer is that "after I follow this guidance, then something will happen and I can be free". Be aware of this trick. Don't hunt for experience. Don't fight. You are already here.