A living being gives birth,
From itself it gives life and extends.
The planet that we call Earth,
That is the home of women and men.

The humans walk around as Earth’s extensions
Being able to experience itself.
But with time come the human convictions
That they each have a separate self.

So all being one, all made of the same,
The humans declare they are separate.
They give too much importance to their labels and names,
And they divorce their marriage from Nature.

They walk around sick, incomplete, 
Thinking they own the Earth.
Forgetting that without the Earth in the first place,
There would be neither death nor birth.

Their absolute reliance on Nature, 
Is masked by the invention of money.
Which does have its place, but becomes absurd,
If no money means you’ll go hungry.

Maybe they’ll soon, together as one,
See their inseparability from the Gaia.
A unity which puts an end to the human
Life of suffering and fear.

From the book: