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Sometimes there can be so many rules and "shoulds" about meditation that it can be easy to miss what you are really looking for.

The tip in this video might help you to bypass years of strenuous practice and go straight to where you really want to be. I hope it helps.

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Someone I was speaking with yesterday was asking me about a meditation she’d been doing where the focus is on physical sensations, and that you're not supposed to attach yourself to any thought, but you're supposed to pay attention to physical sensations in your body and not judge them and be with them and really not do anything about them. She found that she'd become almost overly sensitive to physical sensations, physical sensations in her body started to feel like a bigger deal than they really were, and discomfort was increased because she was so used to paying attention just to physical sensations during her meditations.

Those kind of meditations can be helpful and they can make you realise that when thoughts are going through your mind, you can sense them or you can see them or you can hear them, so the thoughts aren't really who you are in truth. They are more like energies or manifestations that are coming out of you.

And I suggested for her, if she has quite a strong power of focus already through meditating, she can just shift her focus onto something that feels more pleasant rather than waiting for pain or negative thoughts or anything that doesn’t feel particularly nice. Rather than waiting for something to pay attention to that feels physical, it was quite easy for her to just ask a question like “how would it feel light?” “how would it feel to feel at ease?” “how would it feel to feel joyful?” “how does it feel to feel happy?” “how does it feel to feel free?” That was quite easy for her because she already had access to those feelings inside of her. Some people are very...they feel very saturated in resistance and I know I did for a while, so the idea of almost reaching towards lighter feelings felt very difficult. But for other people, they can ask a hypothetical question inside themselves, like “how would it feel to feel a certain way - to feel at ease? To feel light? To feel at peace?” 

How does love feel? How does freedom feel? And if you ask those questions openly, sometimes you can get instant access to those energies, those vibrations deeper in yourself beneath the resistance. And if those energies become the focus of your attention, where you allow them to be and allow them to expand, and aren't so interested in the denser vibrations like pain or negative thoughts, then the good energies expand within you, they grow more, they become stronger.

And it was said during the call that is it then possible to get basically get addicted to feeling good? When this form of meditation was advocating that you shouldn't get attached to anything - any thought, any feeling and that say a feeling of lightness is still phenomenal - it can come and go. So is that actually a hindrance? And that could always be argued but I would say all the feelings that feel nice are like bridges towards who you truly are.

A feeling of ease takes you deeper within yourself, so it's like a bridge. A feeling of lightness, even if you just simulate it or ask it hypothetically - how would it feel to feel light? It's a doorway to your true being because all these nice feelings are things that are emanating from your source, and gradually the more you become familiar with these nice vibrations, you’ll feel as if your ego, if you like, or any negative part of yourself merges with them. So it's no longer as if you are suffering bad feelings or thoughts and attached to the more pleasant ones. You just start to merge with finer vibrations.

Because for a lot of us normally our normal state is...there’s elements of resistance in it. Maybe in the background all the time there’s a habit of “something’s not right”, like an element of needing to fight against something, or an element of discomfort. And rather than trying to just stay with those uncomfortable feelings all the time, it can be easier to shift your attention, ask a question about how it feels to feel free or lighter or nicer....

And that might evoke even more resistance because the resistive energy doesn't want to be disregarded or not taken seriously. But you’ll gradually see that the lighter vibrations can become unconditional, so they're not attached to even what your thoughts are doing up here or what is going on in the world around you, they aren’t dependent on people or circumstances.

The way you feel can become more unconditional and more stable and that's really a key to having an enjoyable life where you can have a sense of joy and ease and lightness without needing the world to give it to you. And then it's like you give it to the world and you can play with the world and your sense of joy can be enhanced through situations and events and doing things but you no longer feel like you're a slave to what’s going on around you.

Hope that can help.

Adam Oakley

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