Eat What Bothers You

Everyone tends to have thoughts or regrets or emotions or beliefs or worries or anything else inside that bothers them. It might be something that you think you missed out on, made a mistake on, or a belief that you feel is hard to shake, but is holding you back in life.

No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to help. You don't feel as if you can let go or change what is troubling you from within...

What happens if you turn your attention to the energy, and instead of approaching it with a sense of “No, this should be different, it shouldn’t be here,” instead look at or feel the energy with a sense of “Yes! You’re welcome. Come! Come! Come here and let me bathe you in my light.” What happens then, if you keep it purely like that, rather than a tactic to transform it?

Most of these energies live off of resistance, a sense of being disturbed by these things. They love the battle of how I feel or what I think vs how I SHOULD feel or what I SHOULD think.

Rather than knowing how you should feel, embrace how you do feel. Then your light is like a burning fire that burns whatever it touches, and turns it into more fire, or more light. From here, things lose their ability to disturb you, they aren’t seen to be so important, and they begin to weaken.

You may have to do it over and over, but each time, it will get easier, and the troublesome energy will weaken. You will know it is gone when you can’t seem to catch hold of it anymore, or better still, you can’t remember what was troubling you. Keep welcoming it in and bathing it in light until even its footprints are gone. Love the footprints, embrace the traces of it, until there is only light.


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