Emotional Healing

Awareness and acceptance are the keys to emotional healing.

It really requires no more than this.  If seen and practiced in this way, emotional healing becomes very simple.  No matter how strong or persistent a troubling emotion may be, the power of your own awareness is enough to restore inner peace.

It is required that you stay alert to what arises within you, and know that whatever comes and goes inside you is not who you are.  You are the eternal awareness beneath it all.  Once you realise this, emotional healing takes care of itself.


When an emotion arises, you are the awareness behind it.  This may be a negative or positive emotion - you are always the awareness.

A negative emotion is more likely to force you into an aware state since you will be more eager to break free form this than a more pleasant emotion.

Feel yourself as awareness.  You are just aware of what emotions do.  You do not judge them, label them or resist them, you just let them be and silently observe them.

The emotions will charge your thoughts with their energy, in an attempt to perpetuate the emotion and keep it alive.  Just watch this within yourself.  This emotional pain is nothing to do with you.  Just watch the emotive thoughts play out by themselves.

This awareness means that a gap is created between you (consciousness) and the emotion that you previously believed was you. This separation means that your sense of self is withdrawn from the thought or emotion.  You see that it is not you.  This withdraws its power over you.

This is where acceptance comes in.  


Acceptance is just allowing your internal state to be as it is completely.  Do not even desire or attempt to change it.  This instantly brings peace, since you are no longer looking for satisfaction amongst your unstable emotions.  It also further separates you from any emotional pain.

The ego and pain body live on resistance.  Acceptance means they can not survive.

Through total acceptance, you can be at peace in the midst of intense emotional pain.

Acceptance brings instant peace.  It has a healing energy.  Accept any internal resistance.

Resistance keeps your emotions in place and keeps you suffering.  It may seem completely unnatural, but a complete acceptance of painful emotion is the way to heal it.

The emotions have nothing to do with you or who you are.  Realising this is what allows you to simply be aware of them.  Invest no sense of self in your emotions.

This awareness and acceptance, if held, has very strong emotional healing power.  You are separated from your emotions through awareness, and your acceptance (or lack of resistance) means that they are no longer fuelled, and are dissolved into your own conscious presence.

Practice this for your own emotional healing.  Awareness and acceptance.