Eric The Fly

Eric The Fly

There was a fly, called Eric. He was the most virulently ambitious of all of his fly-friends, and his friends were concerned about him.

Every day he would wake up before the others, determined that this would be the day he would finally reach his goal.

Every evening he would come back, late, just as the other flies were going to sleep.

“Any luck today?” Len asked Eric, as Eric landed, looking exhausted.

“I was so close today Len, so close!”

Eric had barely eaten all day, but felt so tired he thought he might collapse where he stood.

Len felt hesitant to say any more, but let himself loose.

“Eric, I know we’ve been over this, mate, but I really do wish you would consider what we've all been saying to you recently.”

“Oh, not this again, Len, please, I’m too tired for another debate over this.”

"But Eric I see you exhaust yourself every day, and I hate to see it! There’s a reason why day after day you find yourself exhausted and tired, without anything to show for it. If only you’d realise and enjoy…”

“I’ve just got to stick at it, that’s all,” interrupted Eric, with a determined tone in his voice. “I’m not giving up Len, I won’t.”

“Ok,” Len sighed, who gave up and went to sleep.

“One day I’ll reach that beautiful blue sky,” Eric said to himself as he lay down to rest. “One day.”

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