Feel The Inner Body Or The Emotion Exclusively?

by Ivo Hubchev
(Sofia, Bulgaria)


Hi, Adam

I bought your book about emotional well being and I completely agree with everything that is there - about complete acceptance of the emotions that come.

Because I have social anxiety (it's really my mind, not "me") I feel fear quite often. My question is should I focus on feeling the entire inner body along with the emotion? The fear arises in my chest but when I feel my entire inner body I can feel the aliveness in the other parts of my body and this intense energy in my chest.

So should I focus on feeling the fear only or I should focus on feeling the entire inner body?



The inner body.

If you can feel a broader sense of space, or life, or presence, or energy in the body, then merge with that. Be that. The more the attention merges back in with its source, then all the other old painful energies will go along with it. They will feel like less of a big deal. It will feel less as if there is someone being dragged into it, and it is seen simply as an energy movement that is not personal.

From there any fear can still arise and it is naturally felt, by itself, without an interpretation, without even calling it fear. The fear-energy will still pretend to be important, as if it is something that should be gotten rid of, but it leaves by itself when it is no longer taken to be such a big deal. And it is seen to be smaller when you can feel the presence, the life that you are.

Just feeling the emotion without anything else is an initial stage, no longer trying to run from the movement. When it is allowed, it is easier to feel yourself as the space it arises in.

Does that help?

Thanks for your message,



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Apr 08, 2016
Thanks NEW
by: Ivo Hubchev

Thanks for the reply! It is very helpful. So all my attention should go to feeling the space in my body and I shouldn't worry about paying attention to the emotion?

Apr 10, 2016
by: Adam - InnerPeaceNow.com

Yes, if possible. The emotion can still be there fully, it is not as if you are expecting anything from it, not expecting it to go or disappear. The space doesn't mind.