Forget The Words

It's easy to quickly accumulate many spiritual ideas. Words like "awareness". "consciousness" , "being", how you should feel, how you should not feel, what is ego, what is spirit, certain states or practices, certain phrases or bits of advice, the nature of birth and death, the law of attraction and all the other laws, how well you are doing within all of it etc. And depending on who you listen to, people can say different things.

It can be useful to remember that all words are not worth clinging to. They are still concepts, ideas, forms and images that are attempting to describe their own source. Every idea to do with spirituality or inner peace can quickly just turn into a distraction, another thought that is no different to any other.

Ideas can always mislead. All the teachings about the mind, the ego, awareness etc. are useful for a while, but soon can just become more layers of conditioning. Is it possible to stop having ideas about yourself or spirituality?