Forgiving Your Own Mind

Self Forgiveness

Our primitive minds are designed to keep us safe.

They have a habit of always trying to look out for what's wrong, to anticipate dangers or avoid unpleasantness.

You can see the behaviour in the animal world. A squirrel doesn't just go about its day without a care in the world. If ever it is busy doing anything, it will always stop what it's doing and look around for predators. Then back to work. Then look for danger again.

A long time ago there were surely creatures bigger than us who would have liked to eat us, so our ingrained habit would have been to always be on the lookout for danger.

Now we have such active imaginations, this habit has become amplified, where we are no longer just looking for danger or things going wrong, we tend to IMAGINE these things as well.

This feels very uncomfortable. It can create more resistance because we feel as if we are trapped inside a negative mind that seems to be far more interested in problems than solutions.

It can seem as if we can't help but focus on things that make us feel bad, as some kind of defense mechanism that's trying to prevent them.

The primitive mind has become warped by the unconscious belief that imagining the bad stuff will help to prevent it from happening.

In reality, of course, what you focus on tends to become more dominant in your life.

If you find yourself unnecessarily focussing on things you don't want, if you carry a lot of fear or worry, then try this simple trick:

Forgive your mind.

It is doing what it thinks is best. It is trying to defend its own safety by anticipating unpleasantness, not knowing it is just creating more of it for itself.

Forgive the mind. It's trying to help.

If you see that it is actually TRYING to help instead of trying to sabotage your life, then suddenly there is no more fight. The negative habits become softer, and so they don't have any place to live anymore.

They needed a fight to live. They needed unforgiveness. They needed to be a problem. Once they are all forgiven, they return back to their source.

Hope that helps this week,

All the best,


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