Free From Explanations

The mind is often looking for an explanation. It wants a story, wants to know why, wants to understand. You may have noticed it in yourself with a person in the head always trying to interpret and explain what is happening, has happened or will happen, or is asking itself "why did I do this?", "why have they done that?". You may also notice it appearing to come from outside of you, in the sometimes inevitable conversations with others or loved ones, where people are demanding you explain yourself, why you are doing this or that, or have failed to do this or that. It seems quite normal that you should be able to explain yourself, explain what happens or even why it happens.

But is it possible to explain anything and be sure that you are correct? Is anything certain? Many things we feel we are sure of, what is right or wrong, good or bad, desirable or undesirable, come from the ideas of other people, who have got many of their ideas from the society they were born into. Often we are merely living in imagination, and often the imagination of a mad society.

If your mind is demanding an explanation, or if others seem to be demanding an explanation from you, there is nothing wrong in admitting you don’t know, and you don’t have to. No one knows anything for sure, but we usually like to at least feel as if we know something. A common conviction of ours is that we know what should happen or should not happen - many of us have a firm idea of how events should unfold. But this little personal will eventually proves to be meaningless, since Life does not seem to be obeying these strict guidelines or expectations.

Even for activities of Life to continue, you do not always need to be carrying around ideas that you know anything. You may have ideas in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else, but without the dense feeling of believing you know how things should unfold, there is much greater ease and freedom.

Admitting you aren't sure of so many things also opens the mind, it creates space for anything creative to emerge - which will emerge when required, not before or after.

We are always trained to know stuff. The more you know, the better you are, school seems to say. Technical knowledge is fine - how to fix a car, clean a house, etc., but when the obsession with knowledge comes in to needing to explain or judge every area of Life, at some point it becomes counter-effective, and seems to clog up the mind.

Let Life be a mystery, you don’t have to figure everything out. Life is so much more beautiful when it can be left alone. Without feeling like you need everything fixed beforehand, without feeling you have to manipulate Life, you are open to a far deeper and creative intelligence, which doesn’t need constant thinking. It is spontaneously in tune with Life, it is Life itself.