Freedom From Resistance

The following passage is from a book of mine called "Mythical Creatures Of The Forest", where the lead character, Dr Bernard J. Hoothfellow, has the task of harvesting a strange plant that he has never encountered before.

Accompanied by an underground farmer know as the Treekeeper, Bernard discovers that the plants respond to him with the exact same energy that he approaches them with. At first he has trouble harvesting any of them, because he is used to treating everything with an unappreciative, rushed energy, which is easy to fall into during everyday life.

After being thrown back by the plants on his first attempt, the Treekeeper sits him down and explains something to him:


“This often happens with humans,” he said, sitting down himself and putting his sickle gently by his side.

“You see, they don’t realise that everything is a reflection of themselves. The way you get trained to think, is that everything around you should yield to you, be there for you, do what you want, and that it doesn’t matter how you treat the things, what signal you send out, or how you handle the things that you want to go well for you.

“You treat the world like it owes you something. Some kind of happiness, some kind of product, something to make you feel good. So you go around, feeling bad, hoping that feeling bad enough of the time will bring you something good. But nature doesn’t work like that. The plants, everything – reflects you. If you approach them aggressively, harshly, hastily, then they will reflect that back to you. It’s not like they are deciding to do it, it’s just how nature works. It’s like a built-in mechanism. They treat me the way I treat them. It’s simple. And when I’m not expecting anything of them, when I am grateful and loving and appreciative of them, of just being around them, they fall in love with me, because I’ve already fallen for them.

“The trap is that you think there is no real link between the two of you, and you think that the more you resist, the more things will work. But nothing works through resistance. When there is no resistance then things work better, more smoothly. What happens with people is that the plants reflect their rigidity right back to them, and then they think that it is the plants' fault, not theirs, so they get even harsher, and harsher, more and more resistive, trying to fix the solution, never realising that it is only ever a reflection of themselves. They are not separate from the plants, and neither are you. In fact, you are the plants, and that’s why they treat you the way you treat them. Really, you are one.”


I hope the metaphor serves you well for this week. If you read it again, you can replace "the plants" with "life."

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Mythical Creatures Of The Forest by Adam Oakley, author of  This is a book bringing timeless wisdom to the reader using the power of story and adventure. For ages ten and up.