Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?

“Good things come to those who wait”. This well-known phrase may be helpful in promoting patience amongst children, or adults, but on the other hand, “you can get so accustomed to waiting for ‘the good’, that even if it is right in front of you, you miss it.”

The second one will never catch on. It’s not catchy enough.

A society that always teaches that the best is yet to come, creates a collective mindset of dissatisfaction and endless searching for something that can bring the search to an end.

But perhaps the searching is the whole problem.

Yes! So I will stop searching. Then I will be happier, then I will be fulfilled, then I will be enlightened…

…But I don’t feel any different.

Trying to stop searching so you can become enlightened is just more searching for a particular happening, event or experience. These things also pass.

After the outward search, the inner search can begin. For freedom, enlightenment, liberation. You can be sitting completely quiet, but if the mind is still locked into the sensation of waiting for something to happen, something to realise, then this contraction remains. It can just feel uncomfortable.

What if there was never anything to seek?...That you were never a separate fragment in the first place? That there is no union when there was no one to ever be separate? What if Life is enough, that there is enough, and the universe is not in need of a person who feels they must struggle for everything?

Who knows?