Happiness Is A Boat

Happiness Is A Boat

Happiness is a boat, sitting on a lake,
And for Happiness what humans do is make a big mistake.

The boat that they are sitting in has writing on the side,
The word reads “Happiness” and it is obvious to the eye.

But they can’t see the word since they are already inside,
So unknown they sit in Happiness, sitting side by side.

And when humans are in the boat, a discovery they make,
That overboard the letters are reflected in the lake.

So as they stare down at the lake, feeling so very happy,
And read “Happiness” that shimmers in the water so very gladly.

They jump out of the boat from where they comfortably sat,
And they end up in the water, landing with a splash.

Then they get in trouble and they’re struggling for air,
Because they can not swim well, and they were not prepared,

To land out in the water and find out they had been cheated,
By the words that the water merely reflected and repeated.

But for a while they still declare that Happiness they saw,
Lurking in the waters and it’s Happiness they adore.

So they search and search no longer feeling happy as before,
Since Happiness was abandoned when they jumped off overboard.

Will they make it back inside the boat? Only time will tell.
Don’t look now, but more are jumping overboard as well.

Perhaps they want to reach the others and offer them their help,
Happiness remains, abandoned by the little selves.

From the book:

Photo by Randen Pedersen on Flickr