Happy All The Time?

Do you have to be happy all the time? The area of self-help or spirituality promotes happiness, but don't let it add any unnecessary pressure, or be another ideal to live up to.

You don’t have to be happy all the time. Don’t put any expectations or pressures on yourself. Are you in charge of your experience? Are your feelings your responsibility, or do they just arise by themselves? If you do not pick and choose how you want to feel, what experience you want at this moment, and instead relinquish judging or trying to control the current experience, then any stale energies or resistances that create suffering will leave far quicker.

When you believe you can control your experience, however, you may feel exhausted. Don’t be so responsible for the energies in the body and mind. Surrender them to Life, to the Source, and no longer conflict with them. In this, there is an unusual happiness, in that the experience is no longer your responsibility to manipulate or control. The feeling of the personal self drops away, and existence remains.