Have An Abundance Day

Within the self-help or spirituality area, there is often a popular theme of abundance. We often interpret abundance as "having loads of money", and there is nothing wrong with having loads of money. But what counts as a lot of money is relative. What might be a lot of money to you may seem like pocket change to someone else, or what may seem like a small amount to you may seem like a huge amount to someone else.

Someone may have more money than another, but may feel like they are struggling more if they have any more expenditures and responsibilities. So when we start to give labels to things, to say we should have "X" amount of pounds or dollars (or anything else) to feel rich, be abundant or to stop worrying, then we can start to create a conflict, an underlying sense of lack - that we still don’t have enough. 

But whenever you hear any "abundance-guru" talking about manifesting your desires, they talk about acting as if it is already the case, not that you wantsomething, but that you already have it.

This can work for some people. For others, they may visualise what they want, but the reason they are doing it is to get something they want, so the sense "I don’t have this", or "I don’t have enough yet" is still the foundation for all attempts at manifesting something, and all the "abundance feelings" are merely a means to an end. People can act as if they have enough, but still deep down there are many limiting or negative ideas about money, or Life, or anything else.

Forget all about how much you should or should not have. All these ideas come from other people, and are not original to you. Don’t let some idea of abundance become another pressure or ideal to live up to. Instead, you can simply notice how much of everything there is. It is the dysfunctional human mind that creates such lack in the world. There is easily enough food and resources for everyone, but because of the human mind's possession by fear, worry, separation and sense of lack, the society it creates means the resources and money appear to be lacking, where many seem to be deprived, but where others have enough to feed nations.

So - notice how much of everything there is. Notice the abundance of nature, or Life. No ideas of good or bad, just notice that there is loads of everything. It can be done with the simplest things - the sheer amount of space, breath, thoughts, food, shelter, pain, pleasure, thirst, hunger, fullness, anger, pride, hatred, love, compassion, emptiness, worry, money, lack, sensory perception, thoughts, resentment, laughter, happiness, unhappiness, problems, obsessions, animals, trees, insects, anxiety, tranquility, leaves, blades of grass, tiles on a roof, mould on a window, cars on the road, people on the street, emptiness on the street, pollution in the air, hypocrisy in a person, madness of a society, sanity in a person, clarity in a society, confusion, understanding, surrender, resistance - whenever you look at anything, whether it is good or bad, whether it seems to be a trait of abundance or a trait of scarcity - at the root, at the foundation, there is abundance, an overflowing nature, even of the things that seem lacking.

This natural abundance of Life is all we are looking at, not whether the thing itself is good or bad.

You will notice more and more things, and you will see that it can be applied to anything, even the most seemingly awful things. Once we see the abundant nature of things, then they begin to transform themselves.

Noticing how much there is of everything naturally shifts the background assumption of lack and not enough to "woah, there is loads, more than enough" - but even this need not be specifically thought about, it is more of a feeling, a vibration, a realisation.

This is a potent transformer of suffering as well, since in noticing the sheer abundance of lack, of pain or of trauma, the attention is no longer lost in the manifestation, and naturally moves to the abundant source from which it arises, which is fullness itself.

It is easier to see abundance in the good or more neutral things of Life, but we tend to overlook them. Just look at how many lines there are on the palms of your hands - there are loads!

So for no reason, with no attempts to fix your Life, just notice how much of everything there is, not in your imagination, but in your immediate experience, right now.