How Can I Stay Present? + Emotional Clearing

by Miriam


Hi Adam, 

Yes, your suggestion of a question is Divine. 

How can I stay present? 

How can I end the "delusion of time"? As Eckhart Tolle puts it. 

I have felt presence, and I find breathing in and feeling my emotions helps, being in my inner body, paying attention to what is going on inside me helps. Imagining myself on this earth as an object in space helps. However, I feel like I get too "backed up" emotionally and sometimes I am not able to feel through everything to "retrieve" my consciousness. I don't know how not to resist what wants to come through me without attaching a story. I was able to do this once when I had an emotional clearing (this is what I chose to call it, it was just "letting go") with the help of a very present person. He helped me come back to a state of purity. It was like an energetic vacuum passed through me. It was easy not to think so much or believe my thoughts after that Divine experience. I experienced a breakthrough. 

As time has passed from that experience I've felt like I can't keep up with my feelings. I feel like my old pattern of resisting what wants to happen inside of me keeps wanting to "come back". 

I've tried surrendering, accepting, but I still feel these emotions in my body just piling up. Something tells me that accepting and surrendering won't help release this energy in my body. That I need to continue to breathe deeply through everything that is "stuck" in my body, in order to release it. 

Also, as this has been happening and more energy does not flow and just lingers inside of me, I have started to think more, and actually believe more of my (fearful) thoughts, and be more physically tired. 

Would you be so kind as to help me with this?




Hi Miriam,

Don't take it on yourself to release anything. If you take it as your responsibility to somehow cleanse or rid the body/mind of these sensations, then that very sense of responsibility creates a solid sense of "me" who has to do something before they can feel free, or be liberated, or anything similar.

These kinds of energies, including the resistance, including the apparent incapability to "accept", are all spontaneous appearances. They are not so personal. They claim to be personal, based around "I", and "me", but they come by themselves. If they want to stay, what can you do? You can not force them away. Attempts to let go of them can still create a contraction of effort, so perhaps it is not up to you whether they stay or go.

Sometimes they appear to be very uncomfortable and "bad", but they are old energies releasing themselves. We could also say that they are distractions of the mind, to keep you preoccupied with inner resistances, rather than no longer feeling as if you are trapped inside the web of it all.

You mentioned imagining yourself as an object in space. I think I know what you mean, in that the body is just a fragment and yet an intrinsic part of the vast whole, but when it comes to your question, do not assume you are an object that must do something. An object will feel battered by other objects,. One of these objects is "me" the person, the energy that feels separate from the whole. But this just appears by itself, as well.

When uncomfortable feelings come, the initial reaction is often to want to fix it , to feel better, to get rid of or dissolve the denser feelings. But this intention to feel differently, is what creates even more misery. Something feels that it is "my job" to fix this, and yet it seems quite inadequate in its powers to fix anything. Then the loop goes round and round, and things can feel worse and worse.

So, I don’t know if I can actually give you anything to do. Perhaps notice that you are too late in your attempts to resolve it? Perhaps see that by the time you can even interpret or respond to an inner experience, the experience has ALREADY appeared?

It is the universe's work. Leave it to the universe.


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Jun 26, 2015
thank you NEW
by: Miriam

Thanks so much for your detailed answer.  

I have further questions from this-can you "lose" presence once you have felt presence deeply? I felt that I have been somehow "losing" presence. I notice this by looking around and naming more things, or not noticing the vibrant energies of trees as much as when I was more present. 

Also-thoughts. When a thought comes, do we decide if we believe it? NO matter what thought it is? 
If it about ourselves and our confidence or attractiveness for example. Like if we have a thought that says we are overweight. Physically we may be overweight. Do we fuel that somehow by beleiving it?

Jul 15, 2015
Reply NEW
by: Adam -

Saying "lose presence" can be very misleading, since it creates the sense that you are an object separate from presence, and that it is possible to leave it, lose it, and can also imply that it is something you must find again. When really, the sense of "losing it" arises within presence itself. If you feel you are the personal appearance within presence, then it can feel as if presence comes and goes, but presence is required for any experience in the first place. Of course it can vary in it's degrees of intensity throughout the day, but nothing is really lost or gained. 

About belief - I'm not sure what to say. Either thought is believed to be the reality of things, or it is seen as just thought, just a voice, one interoperation out of many possible others. Beliefs can shape your experience, yes, but I would not say that eg. believing you are overweight will make you overweight. For example, some very underweight people may believe they are too big. Everyone else says "you are so thin", but inside the person sees themselves as too big. Another example might be a bodybuilder who still sees himself as skinny and underdeveloped, when compared to most people, he is huge.

Jul 16, 2015
I asked this question NEW
by: M

Thanks for your reply Adam. 

And hmmm interesting point on presence. 

Would you then say: I Am presence. 

On thoughts: So two choices-believe the thought as true or start watching thoughts as just thoughts, as just forms passing and going.