How Can I Stop Being Afraid Of Spirit Entities?

by Susan


Hi Adam, I can see and feel spirits and I feel like they want me to engage in communication with them but I don't because I'm actually scared of them when they are around me I start feeling drained and kind of faint and I don't know if they are good or bad spirits. Although I have always been sensitive to spirits I have not had any training when it comes down to dealing with spirits so any advice you can give me on the matter would be very much appreciated. Thanks.



My previous response regarding grounding may be useful here. That and another thing which can be helpful. First I will explain a bit more about grounding:

Sometimes when people are seeing spirit entities when they don't even want to, their energy is not fully grounded, not connected to the earth. So they start to go off, uncontrolled, into other planes. Do you feel as if you get spaced-out quite easily, as if your attention is very high up, even above your head? Grounding, or earthing, brings the energy back down.

It can be as simple as feeling your feet. Just feel that your feet exist, if you can't feel them, feel their contact with the ground. Ignore whatever else appears as thoughts and distractions in the mind. Just feel your feet. Perhaps do this just sitting, or walking, eyes open. The more you feel the easier it will become. Then you can begin to feel, or visualise, strong, deep roots like the root of a tree which ALREADY EXIST as a network connecting your feet and body to the entire earth beneath you, so that your body is a tiny fragment above a huge network of roots. Sync your breath with the roots, so that with each breath the roots become stronger and thicker and more secure and solid, and your body and mind are just an extension of them.

Another thing is to imagine yourself being covered with a huge dark brown cloak, which completely covers you from head to toe. You can connect it with your root system. Close yourself down, feel yourself being pulled fully back into the earth-plane. Being in nature can help. Standing on grass barefoot. Sitting on grass. (I should probably state the obvious as this could be read by anyone, and say to make sure the grass is clean and safe.)

Further than that I'm not sure. I have little experience of what you are talking about. However a complete lack of interest helps. Is there still part of you that is interested in connecting with other beings? If there is, even if it is with good intentions, it keeps your mind easily sucked into anything that's related. Become tired of the whole thing. Just be a giant root system connected to the earth, not interested in anything or anyone other than the universal spirit, which is within you, not something else that you need to talk to.

Of course like anything else, if you wish to no longer be afraid, no longer resist the fear within you. The fear makes it seem that if you give into the fear, let it be there, then something bad will happen. If you let the fear be there, you will see it is doing nothing, not protecting you, not keeping you safe. Let the fear be.

Other than that, I can not advise you any more. Perhaps seek the guidance of a trusted and experienced psychic or healer.

All the best,



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Jun 02, 2016
Question about grounding NEW
by: Ivo Hubchec

Hello Adam, 
I am not the author of the question but I feel like I need to do some grounding. 

I didn't understand if I should feel the inner body of the feet, the contact with the ground or both? 


Sept 02, 2016
Question about grounding
by: Adam -

Hi Ivo,

Came across this and I don't seem to have responded...

It doesn't matter too much. I would just say feel the earth beneath you. Be aware of the foundation.