How Can I Stop Judging and "Story-Telling"?


How can I stop making judgments and “story-telling” in the mind? I know it would be useful to let go of these behaviors but I find it very difficult.


Thanks for your question. The one that makes judgments and creates mental stories will not be able to stop them. Your job is only to be the witness of them as they arise, which leads to automatic seeing that they are not who you are.  

The mistake comes when we believe that we are the one judging things, thinking thoughts and creating mental stories and interpretations about events. You are just the awareness of these things arising.

You are incapable of judgment, since you are pure awareness. Only the mind judges and interprets. Therefore, completely allow the mind to come and play as it wishes, but remove your interest and belief from it. You are the awareness behind the movements of the mind, and this can only be experienced when you relax and do not try to suppress or control the mind. You are always awareness, so relinquish any effort to realize this. From here it becomes clear that there is a distinction between you (the silent witness) and everything else that can be perceived by you.

As you come to see that you are not the one who judges or creates mental stories around events, these behaviours will weaken and disappear by themselves without any effort on your part.

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Dec 29, 2013
This is the only way 
by: MH

Tried this today, completely surrendered to the garbage justifications outpouring from mind. Decided to do nothing with it,didn't add anything just allowed it to do its thing, as a result there is less noise!